The Very First, and One of the Last!

| May/June 1997

Box 225, Huntsville, Utah 84317

Was the first Power Horse built about 1934? Even Mr. Bonham can't say exactly when it was first assembled. Shown above is an 'after' picture of the prototype. See next page for the 'before,' and a picture of Mr. Bonham.

I own the Power Horse, but Mr. Clark Nelson, of Nelson Inter-Mountain Crane Service, is solely responsible for doing the restoration.

The ski trails seen in the background of the picture will be the site of part of 2002 Winter Olympics.

Ed.'s note: Below and on the next page we have reprinted the text from Mr. Bonham's patent application for the Power Horse.

Patented April 16,1940 2,197,248 United States Patent Office

2,197,248 Tractor

Albert W. Bonham, Jr., and Alvin B. Bonham, Clinton, Utah, assignors to Bonham Manufacturing Company, Montello, Nevada, a corporation of Nevada.