The Uncommon Lauson Tractor

| September/October 1988

Rt-3 Box 131 Geneseo, Illinois, 61254

Tractors built by the John Lauson Company of New Holstein, Wisconsin are rather uncommon among Midwest tractor collectors and the one pictured here is even more of a rarity as it is a 1932 Lauson model 6-S serial number 4688 with a 20-35 horsepower rating. This model, which was never tested at Nebraska, features a model L-2 6-cylinder overhead valve Wisconsin engine with a 3 7/8' bore and 5' stroke. Lauson tractors were manufactured with many parts being furnished by outside suppliers, a practice that is making a comeback in the tractor industry today. (Larger sizes of Case and White tractors share the same Cummins engines.)

This tractor is owned and restored by Mr. Clyde Cowan of 511 South Oakwood, Geneseo, Illinois 61254. Clyde purchased this tractor a number of years ago from the original owners who had owned other Lau-sons during their farming career. They stated that this model 6-S was in the last shipment of Lauson tractors to the local dealer when the company ceased tractor production in 1932. While Lausons never achieved the prominence of some other brands, the owners of this particular machine found theirs were dependable and well built tractors.

Mr. Cowan would like to hear from other Lauson owners, especially anyone who might have another model 6-S.