The Trip Home

| November/December 1987

739 Church St., Grass Lake, Michigan 49240

It had been sitting there for over twenty years, put out of commission by change and technology. It had belonged to Walter James, who used it as a farm tractor until his death. After his death, his wife didn't have enough time and money to keep it going, so it just sat there and had been there ever since.

It was a 1929, 20-30, model W Rumely Oil Pull and from the first, my dad wanted it. We made an offer, but were turned town, until she decided that it would be better to see it go than to see it turn to waste sitting there.

We were going to bring it the fifteen miles to our home on Saturday, December 20, 1986. For a sense of adventure and lack of a trailer, we decided to drive it home by its own power.

The morning was crisp and cold with a forecast of sun that never showed up until the next day.

We got to the little house on the hill around eight A.M. and similar to how a pit crew would get a car ready for a race, we got our tractor ready for its race. We checked the oil, filled the gas tank and greased the wheels.