The Tractor Trophy

| February/March 1987

Merna, Nebraska 68856

In a very conspicuous place of honor in our home, sits a lovely trophy, which says on its base, '1st Place, Peoples Choice Antiques'.

To the casual observer-fine-so Tom got a trophy, big deal-but I know the history of the old tractor that won for him that honor. While talking with a friend about some entirely different subject, Tom's attention centered on an old 'stack' of iron, nestled comfortably in a sand bank. The entirely different subject was immediately dropped and the usual question of an antique tractor hunter, exploded: 'Do you want to sell that?' That, turned out to be a 4 wheel drive 1930 Massey Harris. This was over 15 years ago.

At regular intervals, the question was often brought up, but the friend owner didn't want to sell, then later, after the father died, the family treasured Dad's tractor. The promise of 'when we sell, you will have first chance' kept hope alive for Tom's someday owning the it.

After the #1 son's death, in August of 1984, the mother called and asked, 'Are you still interested in Bill's old 4 wheel?'

I think the tracks still show where the machinery trailer and pickup went around the corner, heading for the hills and this treasure. After getting it home and upon examination of the 'patient' in the shop, many iron doctors would have placed it in the category of hopeless, but not Tom- although it had a cracked cylinder wall, a broken block, a cracked head and a damaged pan, which the mice had used for their apartments, for no telling how long. And that was just a few of the ailments. Really, not being mechanically inclined, it looked pretty hopeless. But my Tom saw over all this and the impossible just would take a little longer.