The Toy

| May/June 1991

  • V4 Wisconsin
    This is a picture of a homemade tractor I call my toy, that I purchased last spring. The tractor was built by Carl Fredrikson of Audubon, Iowa, in the late 50's. The Fredrik son family were blacksmiths and only recently retired; the business was auctioned

  • V4 Wisconsin

R.R. #2, Box 169, Audubon, Iowa50025 

After I purchased the tractor, I had to remove the engine and do some repairs on the drive line. The magneto required extensive work.

The engine is a V4 Wisconsin with a gear reduction box. The transmission is a 4-speed from a Ford truck. The rear end is a cut down '49 Mercury. The 12' front wheels are from a Crosley car. Top speed at governed r.p.m.'s is 15 miles per hour.

The tractor has a front mounted blade that Carl used to clear snow from drive ways and parking lots in the winter. He said he could angle the blade, and at a grocery store he would start near the building and drive around and around the building, working farther away each round.

Carl said he originally built the tractor to mow with. He was going to build a sidemounted sickle bar mower and was going to run it with hydraulics, but he never did build the mower. I installed an IHC easy ride seat this fall. I have a pair of 24' tires to put on it.

I broke and shattered my ankle in October. Doc says six to eight months to heal, so most everything is on hold till I can get around again.