The Titan Tractor and Power Unit

Impact It Had in Earlier Days from 1916-2001

| July/August 2001

88 Rock Hollow Road Birdsboro, Pennsylvania 19508

I will take you back before 1900, to the small town of Geigertown, located in the hills of Pennsylvania with small farms surrounding it. All of the farms used horses, water, steam and later gas engines for power, because no electric power was available. The mechanical revolution was taking place at this time.

The town had a post office, two churches, a general store, railroad station, carpet shop, broommaker's shop, blacksmith shop, butcher's shop, creamery, feed mill, sawmill, shingle mill, pale fence mill, cider mill, carriage shop, Grange Hall, a town band and band house, and other small family businesses.

A stream coming from the mountain to a milldam fed water to a turbine to turn the millstones in the feed mill. From this mill the water flowed to another milldam, also another stream flowed in from the north. This water flowed into a deep stone pit to a turbine that powered a shingle mill, cider mill, picket fence mill, and an up-and-down sawmill, all driven by ground level shafting.

Because of flooding to the milldam, a screen-cooled 15 horsepower IHC Famous gas engine replaced the water-power. Then the up-and-down sawmill was replaced with a Delouch circular sawmill. In the carriage and wheelwright shop, an IHC Famous three-horse upright ran the lineshaft. This engine was used through 1945.

My dad bought all of this business with the exception of the feed mill. I came into the world in 1924 while business was good. It took three to four men to run the mills and to start the 15 HP IHC on a cold day and put that long belt on.