| November/December 1987

Route 2, Greenleaf, Wisconsin 54126

My brother, Gerhardt, and I had long been interested in owning an old Fordson tractor. In June of 1981 we attended a farm auction that listed an old Fordson. The minute we saw it, we knew here was a real oldie like we had never seen before. What set it apart from later models was the so-called ladder side radiator shell (see pictures). It had four openings on each side, probably for better cooling.

Before being put up for sale, they belted it up to another tractor to get the old girl started. The Fordson did run, but not very good, midst a cloud of smoke.

My brother started bidding on it, but dropped out at about $750.00. Everyone knows what they say about hindsight, and of course we were sorry to say the least, when a friend of ours bought it for $775.00. There were a lot of extras including a manifold, 'not cracked,' some coil boxes, valves, spark plugs and a few other odds and ends. Also, the original owners manual.

In July, Gerhardt met our friend and asked him if he would consider selling the Fordson. He said he would, all he wanted was to get his money out of it. How lucky can you get? That's how we got our first Fordson.

Meanwhile we heard about the Fordson House in Escanaba, Michigan. A trip to the Fordson House helped us out with parts we needed- also Fordson Grey and Red paint. They stock a lot of Fordson parts.