The Retrieving of the Fordson

| December/January 1997

37 Barrand Street, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

We set out to retrieve the Fordson which has been the property of the Morgan family since its purchase. Owen was a schoolboy at Wimbledon when the Ford agents delivered it to his father's farm. The Fordson was in retirement under the fine trees. We went to recover it, bring it back to life, and take the 'beast' home to Owen's farm for the rest of its life.

The number plate with E4-450 is an agriculture plate exempt from road tax. The old Fordson Major fired over and was driven a mile down the road to a loading ramp. To hear the sound of the motor coming to life and moving off was worth the hours spent putting life back into the grand old machine.

The Fordson spent its life on Spring Creek Farm, Wimbledon, Southern Hawkes Bay, in the North Island of New Zealand.