The Real Boat Anchor Has Been Saved!

| April/May 1999

Sent to us by Howard Ecdahl 1768 Lemans Street, Roseburg, Oregon 97470

5 HP Doak sideshaft engine now in the possession of Howard Ecdahl of 1768 Lemons, Roseburg, Oregon 97470.

The Doak Engine Company was formed in Oakland, California, in 1887. They made 3 HP to 100 HP engines. All were made of close grain cast iron and most were sideshaft.

This 5 HP sideshaft was probably used in the '20s or '30s in the dry season to pump water, and most likely heavy rains covered it up. My guess is that it was there for about forty years.

The next dry season was in the late '70s. Someone spotted it and decided to use it as a yard ornament. That is exactly what it was, for many years.

For years people just passed it by, until one day Will Tolen of Eagle Point, Oregon, took notice. He made arrangements to take it home, where he put it under a shade tree and chipped off all of the scale. He then put it in a barrel of oil and let it sit for a year.

Will Tolen and I both belong to Branch #9 (Pottsville, Oregon) Engine Club. At one of the meetings he asked me about the engine's fuel valve, which was missing. Then at another time he asked me about the governor. In this particular engine, it was a cone governor.