The Pink Tractor Farmall A

| April/May 2001

P.O. Box 333 Clarissa, Minnesota 56440

I'm from Clarissa, Minnesota, and I'm a retired master machinist from Chicago, Illinois.

I had never driven a tractor in my life, nor milked a cow. My friend Dave showed me how to drive one of his many tractors and how to milk a cow. I expected chocolate milk to come from this nice brown cow, and was surprised to find it was plain white milk.

After driving Dave's tractor I became intrigued with the idea of owning one myself. I spotted an old beat-up Farmall A for sale in a farmer's yard. I inspected it thoroughly and found that all the parts were there, though it was in disgusting shape. I purchased it and the farmer delivered it to my yard in town. I was so excited to own my very own tractor, I had all my tools out before the farmer was out of my yard, and by the time he got to the end of the block I was already starting to take the tractor apart.

My friend Dave did some research on the tractor's serial number and found that it was built in 1945 in Chicago. My father worked at that same plant then.

Two days after delivery of the tractor, I had it totally dismantled. In the encasement between the engine and transmission the mice had a grand hotel developed. I had them condemned and evicted in short time.