The Only Origin I Know

| June/July 1997

4 Cylinder Postwar Crosley Tractor

11306 Mill Dam Road Burlington, Iowa 52601

I bought this tractor from the estate of the man who worked on it at the Crosley Company around 1952. He later acquired it for home use. It has Crosley cast all over it.

When it was built, some parts were purchased from the same supplier that five other brands of tractors used, like front and rear axles. The only parts that are the same as the Crosley automobile are the starter, generator, ring gear and pinion, trans (gears only), clutch disc, shift knobs, steering wheel, thermostat housing, oil filter, tower shaft and gears. Crosley had a connection with a defunct tractor company in Texas.

The parts that are different than the car are as follows. The engine block is cast for a built-in governor. The oil pan has radiator coolant running through it. The crank and overhead cam are different. It has a four pound heavier flywheel and lower compression than the cars, which were 26.5 HP. The tractor has 21 HP according to the tag. The radiator looks like the car, except one-half again as many fins and tubes with a shroud around a four-blade reverse fan. The water pump is cast iron instead of aluminum. The intake exhaust manifold is one piece cast iron, real different looking, like the one on my forklift.

It has three power take-offs, one at the front of the engine, one at the rear of the transmission, and a common looking one cast at the rear of the rear axle. It has high-low range gears on front of the rear axle. The taillight lens and bezel hinges up over the top and snaps in place, exposing the light for a rear back up or work light.

I'm not sure what the original muffler looked like because it was rusted 'gone.'