The Model H 18-36 HART-PARR

| June/July 1988

  • Hart-Parr Tractor

  • Hart-Parr Tractor

Box I8, Route i Ryder, ND 58779

The 18-36 Hart Parr tractor tested in Nebraska in 1926 was the model G, the two speed model that was built in 1926 and 1927. Tractor number 26145 was used in the test with a test weight of 7325 pounds. The maximum pound pull was 5535 pounds. This tractor used the four cycle, two cylinder horizontal engine with the head toward the rear. The cylinders are 63/4 x 7 inches giving it a 251 cubic inch displacement with the rated engine speed of 800 revolutions per minute. The company rated it to pull a four bottom plow or operate a 30 inch threshing machine.

The engine is oiled by a force feed Madison Kipp lubricator, uses a Robert Bosch high tension magneto type ZU4/2 and a Stromberg MB3 carburetor. The fuel tank capacity is 34 gallons and the radiator capacity is 11 gallons. Also in the specifications it is stated that the exhaust valve closes when the center mark on the flywheel rim is from one to two inches passed the arrow on the magneto during the exhaust stroke.

In a 1929 Hart Parr tractor book put out by the Hart Parr Company, Charles City, Iowa, the Hart Parr 18-36 tractor is described as a three-fuel tractor with surplus power. In the Nebraska test using distillate fuel the horsepower hours per gallon of fuel was 6.50 in the rated load test.

In the above mentioned book the tractor is pictured with flat spokes in both the front and rear wheels while the industrial model is pictured with round spokes in both wheels. The

book 'Progress in Tractor Power', by Hart Parr Tractors, the 18-36 model is also pictured with flat spokes in both the front and rear wheels. Many 18-36 tractors at shows have the heavy cast front wheels.


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