The 'Mini Massey'

| April/May 1992

  • 'Mini-Massey' Tractor
    Harold F. Pohl, 69 Dawn Avenue, Piano, Illinois 60545 shares the story of his 'Mini-Massey'.
  • Harold Pohl's Mini-Massey Tractor
    Harold Pohl's Mini-Massey shown with a Massey Harris 44 Std. owned by Jim Gletty of Waterman, Illinois.

  • 'Mini-Massey' Tractor
  • Harold Pohl's Mini-Massey Tractor

69 Dawn Avenue Piano, Illinois 60545.

It all started about 35 years ago when a neighbor to my folks fell and broke his hip just as spring work was to begin. He and his son farmed together, and the son fell behind due to a wet spring.

My dad went around to some of the immediate neighbors to put together a work crew to help the son out. They would come in on Saturday and Sunday and get him caught up. Another neighbor on the back road found out about it and wanted to help also. He showed up with his father and two Massey Harris 44's, one on a three bottom plow and the other on a 12 foot Kewanee disc.

Various other makes showed up that day (something like 12 or 13 I think). They worked bean and corn ground all day Saturday. Sunday was to be the conversion of my father from IHC to Massey Harris power.

That morning we pulled into about 20 acres of four year old alfalfa sod. The 44 on the plow out pulled everything else in the field. Dad was plowing deeper and faster and did it on less fuel. After that weekend, my dad talked about it quite often.

Some weeks later, I came home from school to find a M-H 44-6 parked in the corn crib. So started our love affair with the 44. A year or so later, I sold a bunch of hogs I had raised on my own, and bought a 44. We used these two 44's and our faithful old F-30 Farmall to do the farm work at home, and on another 140 acre farm we were renting, for several years.