The Massey-Harris General Purpose Is a 4-Wheel Drive

| January/February 1991

This article originally appeared in Farm Implement News, May 15, 1930. It was sent to us by Dwight Rhodes, R #2, Clifton, Kansas 66937.

Not so long ago, the following prophecy appeared in these pages: 'One thing is sure; progress in general purpose tractor design will come with the development of diverse but successful types, rather than assuming that the overall design of the first machine is the only design that can prove successful.'

One man can couple the tractor to the take-off operated tool.

This statement was made with full appreciation of the remarkable job that Bert Benjamin did when the Farmall was developed.

Now comes considerable fulfillment of this prophecy in the form of the Massey-Harris general purpose tractor. It is the first really engineered four-wheel drive job that the writer has ever seen.

The designers of this tractor had the following requirements in mind: It should be able to operate satisfactorily on any soil or slope where a four or six horse team can work.