The Macultivator Tractor Company SANDUSKY, OHIO

| February/March 2001

87l0 Vickery Road, Castalia, Ohio 44824,

With much help from Doug Tollman 21 St. Rt. 225 Greenwich, Ohio, dtallman@accnorwalk. com

A couple years ago my friend Doug Tallman came up to me at our local show put on by the Firelands Pioneer Power Association, and asked me what I knew about the Macultivator Company of Sandusky, Ohio. Now, I fancy that I do know a bit more than many about the engine manufacturing history in our area, but I drew a blank on this one. I had never heard of them.

The thought stayed with me and after a couple of days I began to remember that I had once come across some mention of a local manufacturer of early garden tractors. A look in the back of C. H. Wendel's Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, confirmed the existence of the firm, but no information was available. I began to research the matter off-and-on, because I thought that it would make an interesting article. What I have written here is just about everything that I have been able to find, so if anyone out there in Old Engine Land can add to this, I invite you to come forth with any information.

Will Cummings of 8710 Vickery Road, Catalia, OH 44824 collaborates with his friend Doug Tollman in telling the tale of the Macultivator Company

It will be seen that the Macultivator Company was brought about though the efforts of a father-son team, Charles S. McCarthy Sr., and Charles S. McCarthy Jr., whom I will hereafter refer to as McCarthy Sr. and/or McCarthy Jr. Evidently they were not natives of the Sandusky, Ohio, area, as they are not listed in any Sandusky City Directories prior to 1915. McCarthy Sr. first appears on the scene in a newspaper announcement of December 29, 1914, where it is announced that he will be Superintendent of the recently incorporated Ohio Engine Company (Sandusky, Ohio). Mack Joy was the principal promoter of the Ohio Engine Company (see 'The Ohio Connections,' page 25 of the September 1995 GEM).