The Longest Four Miles

A Wife Helps Her Husband Get a Tractor Home

| September/October 1993

  • Farmall Tractor

  • Farmall Tractor

19150 Murphy Road Peyton, Colorado 80831

One bright, sunny, Sunday morning, my husband said, 'Let's go for a ride.' As we were driving down the back roads, he spotted a Farmall M with an International corn picker on it sitting in a farmer's yard with a 'for sale' sign. Nothing to do but drive in to see how much the man wanted for it. Well, it was more than we wanted to pay! We decided to sleep on it.

After a week, my husband decided to buy the big M. He had always wanted a corn picker to play with since leaving the farm years ago! You can take the boy out of the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy. My husband couldn't wait to get that tractor home! We started out early to go get it. He was as proud as a peacock, driving that big M with the corn picker down the road. I came on home to start lunch. I looked up to see him coming in the door. I said, 'Are you home already?' He said, 'The tractor stalled about four miles back.' 'How did you get home?' 'A couple of ladies came by in a pickup truck full of chickens. They said I could crawl in with them and I did.'

My husband picked up some tools and we jumped in the car, drove back to where the tractor stalled, and tried to get it started no such luck! So, we went into town after gas to pull it home with another tractor. By this time we were hungry, so we ate lunch, then started out on our long journey. Would you believe we got hold of dirty gas and had to stop about every ten minutes to clean the sediment bulb on our four mile trip back?!

We finally made it. My husband said, 'You get on the M and steer while I pull it.' When he hooked those two tractors together with a chain, my stomach got queasy. I looked up at that big thing weighing 9,000 lbs., if not more. Little bitty me, I'm only five feet tall, 105 lbs., with short legs. After crawling up on that big M, you couldn't even see me in that seat!

We started up this mile long hill, yes a mile long, and you guessed it the chain broke! I shoved my short legs on those brakes and said to myself, 'Oh no! They don't work!' The tractor started to roll backwards. My husband yelled, 'Turn it to the bank!' I kept yelling 'I can't stop it!' In the meantime, he stopped his tractor, jumped on the M, pulled the steering wheel out of my hands and turned it to the bank. Guess I just froze. I jumped clear off that thing. It's a wonder I didn't break a leg. After we caught our breath, we decided to try it again. Yes, I had the nerve to crawl back on that tractor. I really didn't want to, but I didn't have the heart to say no, four miles from home.


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