The JD Model L I'd Forgotten

| March/April 1992

  • JD Model 'L' tractor

  • JD Model 'L' tractor

67 Cook Hill Rd. Lebanon, Connecticut 06249

As 1 remember, it was the summer of 1966 that I was visiting a school friend, Dave Nichols. We were eleven years old at the time, and Dave's father John was working on a John Deere Model 'L' tractor. Mr. Nichols was having trouble getting this little tractor started.

When I first saw the tractor, I asked Dave, 'What kind of tractor is this?' He informed me it was a John Deere. I told him it didn't look like any John Deere I had ever seen.

Many years had passed, and I had forgotten about the 'L'. Recently, I was talking with Dave and asked him whatever happened to the tractor his dad owned. Dave told me his dad still owned the tractor, but it hadn't been run for years. It was sitting where his father left it-only over the years the brush and weeds were grown all around it.

I asked Dave if his father might be willing to sell the tractor. He said he wasn't sure, but I should stop by and ask him.

I went on strike in June of 1990 and had a lot of time on my hands. It seemed like a good time to stop and see Mr. Nichols about the 'L', so I did. I hadn't seen Mr. Nichols for many years and-was saddened to see how his health was failing and that he wasn't able to do many of the things he used to enjoy. I asked him about the 'L' and whether he would be willing to sell it. He asked me why I was interested in it. I told him that I had several old tractors and old gas engines and would like to try to restore the 'L'. He told me to make him an offer. A price was quickly settled on. As I drove home, I remember feeling happy about my purchase, and sad about Mr. Nichol's failing health.