| September/October 1972

  • Huber Tractor
    Huber Light Four 12-25. Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779.
    Joe Fahnestock

  • Huber Tractor

Ryder, North Dakota 58779.

The Huber Manufacturing Company, Marion, Ohio began building the 12-25 Light Four in 1916 according to R. B. Gray in Part I of his book, 'The Development of the Agricultural Tractor in the United States.' This tractor had a vertical cross mounted Waukesha engine with a 4?' bore and 5?' stroke running at 900 r. p. m. The price listed in a February 17, 1917 Country Gentleman was $1085.

The 1919 Chilton Tractor Index and the 1919 Tractor Operating Book and Directory give the same specifications for the Huber Light Four 12-25 as mentioned above. While the report of the Ohio State University plowing tests in 1919 and the Nebraska test in 1920 list the engine with 4?' bore and 5?' stroke running at 1000 r. p. m.

This 12-25 model was still listed in a 1925 Cooperative Tractor catalog along with the 18-36 Super Four. In a October 1926, 'The American Thresher-man,' the 12-25 is still recommended. The Huber ad states there are on our floor several Factory Rebuilts at bargain prices which cannot be told from new machines.'

The Huber Light Four 12-25 pictured is owned by Allen Larson, Newburg, North Dakota. This is a 1918 model chassis number 3335. This tractor, one of many in Allen's collection, has been beautifully restored by him. Allen has brought it a number of times to Makoti for the parade and show.

A Huber tractor brochure for the 12-25 shows it with red wheels and fenders while the rest of the tractor is green. The tractor used a Perfex radiator, Kingston carburetor and ignition, and Bennett air cleaner. The Light Four has the radiator fan on the left side while the Super Four has it on the right side of the radiator. Also the final drive has enclosed bull gear and pinion on the Super Four while the Light Four is open.