The Green Hornet

| August/September 1991

  • Green Hornet tractor

  • Green Hornet tractor

10369 Corner Road Mercersburg, PA 17236

I have been pressured many times by my engine friends to send a picture of my little tractor to GEM, so here it is.

The chassis is a John Deere Model L and the power plant is a 3 HP John Deere E. The John Deere L was very far from the original tractor ... a small 4 cylinder engine had been mounted on the chassis, weld upon weld, iron bars, angles, and plates welded together-a very sorrowful contraption it was. All this mess was removed down to the bare frame.

The 3 HP John Deere engine, we have had for many years, and one day the thought came to me, 'Why not mount the 3 HP engine on the Model L chassis?' So here it is.

Many many hours of delightful labor were spent on making up the 'Green Hornet' tractor, as we call it. We have taken the Green Hornet to different engine shows, and it has posed for many pictures, and has been driven by many engineers from four years old up to 70.

The power transfer is a flat belt and a 16' trailer plow is too much for its stout little heart.