| February/March 1995

  • Simplicity Wonder Boy 700 engine

  • Simplicity Wonder Boy 700 engine

3313 48th Avenue Moline, Illinois 61265

This is a story about two Continental Military twin engines. My nightmare began in the winter of 1993, and did not end until the spring of 1994. During this six-month period I felt like a widow! If my husband was not at work, he was out in the garage building that thing of a tractor which he so lovingly called 'THE GIRLS,' because the twin engines fight like two teenage girls.

This is a 1958 Simplicity Wonder Boy 700, extended 28 inches for a full length of seven feet. The back half as well as the front axle are original. This was extended for the purpose of placing two twin cylinder overhead valve engines, sitting side by side. The engines are belted together to the drive shaft. They are both started with one starter generator.

The engines were built by Continental Motors and are dated back in the mid-'60s for the military. The engines had a 1500 watt generator bolted to them, and were used in aircraft for generating electricity, plus many more uses we have not heard about yet. The military has rated the engines at 3 HP each. They have roller rockers and roller main bearings, 2 bore and stroke. Each cylinder has its own magneto. The mufflers are contained behind the air shroud and have Tillotson carburetors. The carburetors are cross linked together with one common cable. The governors in both engines are in use.

It took Dale about five hours to get 'The Girls' to quit fighting each other. Since then they have become very dependable on starting and running. It would not have taken so long, but 'The Girls' refused to idle down when he wanted them to, so therefore they won! Since then, they have become the boss! They still fight Dale and each other, but Dale now realizes he is just the referee.

Since the completion of the tractor, we have both enjoyed it. I've answered as many questions as he has at the engine show we attend.