The gile tractor

| January/February 1981

  • Gile tractor

  • Gile tractor

Route 4, Huntingdon, Indiana 46750.

Every now and then we run across some unusually rare tractor in some old shed or pasture field. Dave Krietler of Libby, Montana wrote me he had the remains of a Gile tractor once made in Ludington, Michigan-and did I know anything about one?

Well, I found a picture of one in Tom Smith's book on early American Tractors, which is enclosed. It was also shown at the Tractor Demonstration held at Fremont, Nebraska in 1907, so they must have been made somewhere between 1917 adn 1920 - for how long I have no idea. Dave says there is some difference between the picture I found and the one he sent me that he took of the remains of his tractor.

Following specifications: 18 HP on drawbar, four cyl. vertical engine 4 x 6 by 875 R.P.M. would pull three plows at speeds of 2 and three miles per hour. High tension mag impulse starter, valve in head, Scheibler carb. force feed lubrication. Drive wheels 60 inches in diameter with 12 inches face. One wheel in front for steering. Had radiator, fan and pump.

If anyone knows where there is a Gile tractor, pleae contact Dave Kreitler, 306 Nevada, Libby, Montana 59923 or myself.