The First Rumely In Nevada?

| July/August 1996

  • Y 30-50 Oil Pull
    Y 30-50 Oil Pull loaded and ready for trip to Nevada. Bill Ramsden, new April 1995 owner.
  • Bill and his Rumely back
    Photos by author, John Weaver of Middlebury, Indiana.
    John Weaver

  • Y 30-50 Oil Pull
  • Bill and his Rumely back

Box 371, Middlebury, Indiana 46540

It all started at Polk's Auction at State Roads 6 and 15. I went to the auction with no thought in mind of buying a tractor they usually have mostly green and yellow. Well, to my surprise there was a Y-30-50, R-25-45, and a W-20-30. The R is only one fit to run, is what they said. I took a good look at the Y, not too bad. It looked bad the right front wheel leaned out about six inches. Well, the bidding on the Rumelys started after a long day. It started at $1,000.00well, I had to pay more than that.

When the auctioneer said, 'Sold!' I sent a buddy across the street to get a gallon of gas and a quart of oil. In less than 30 minutes we had it running and backed him out. You should have seen the people! But I had to go home and fetch the trailer.

I got it home, and after a bit of running, decided to pull the head. I completely rebuilt it: valve guides, seats, valves, and surfaced it. I put in wrist pin bushings, rings and had a nice running Y-30-50.

After a year I decided to sell it. I put an ad in GEM and got the first call before I got my magazine. I got 12 calls in two weeks!

Bill and his Rumely back home in Nevada just finished first place in parade. He says old gree did it.