The Choremaster Chore

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'After restoration'
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'After restoration'

8885 New Hope Road Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

In September 1999, long time friends Lynn and Marion Curry,
knowing my love for old engines, gave me a Choremaster garden
tractor purchased by her father Howard Liddell, who lived in
Bright, Indiana, circa 1951. Mrs. Curry remembers that many times
over the years her father referred to it as ‘That Dad Burned

This is a write up of how it was restored to working condition.
After purchasing a manual from King’s Books, plans were made to
put the engine in order and then clean, repair and paint the
tractor. GEM was checked for information on old engine parts.
Bob’s Small Engine Repair was contacted and a carburetor kit
was purchased along with decals, etc. for the Choremaster-Clinton
engine. The engine and gasoline tank were cleaned, sanded and
painted hunter green.

The tractor and engine were both very, very hard to clean due to
clay soil where it had been used. This can easily be seen in the

After many hours of cleaning, sanding, and painting,
reassembling began. Rising Sun Tire and Auto was able to get a new
14 x 4.50 x 6 tire and tube with the proper tread. These were easy
to mount because the wheel had a two part rim.

The various parts fit together as they should, except for the
clutch cable, which was rusted beyond repair. However, it was
designed in such a way that it was possible to replace it.

After about 73 hours of winter shop work, a few more dollars
than hours, and a lot of encouraging words from my wife, Clara
Jean, I have a fine-looking garden tractor to be added to my Y2K
load of Pagett’s Gadgets. And ‘The Dad Burned Thing’

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