The Buying and Restoring of My 22-36

| October/November 1994

E6362 Highway 22, Manawa, Wisconsin 54949

In July of 1991, I was president of the Union Threshermens' Club. That year we were featuring International tractors and machinery during our annual show. Since I am all IH, the members decided I should be in charge of it. I own a restored F-20, F-30, H, a Cub Cadet, 1 horse M engine and a corn sheller. Over the years, I have also sold three IH tractors. I said I would never buy another one, because I had no one to drive them. I must have been lying to myself.

On the last day of the show, a gentleman by the name of Dick Werth came up to me and asked me if I liked International tractors. I said that I did. I think I was teethed on the steering wheel of an International I guess that's why he asked me. He went on to tell me that he had a tractor for me. I asked him what kind it was he replied, 'A 22 x 36 McCormick Deering.'

He lives only two miles from me, and the show, and wanted his tractor to stay in the area. I asked him how much he wanted and told him I would be out in a few days to look at it.

In a few days I did go out to look at it. Well, I was taken out to a shed, and way in the back, she sat. I looked her over. Boy, she needed a lot of work! The fenders were bad, the back wheels were rusted away, the hood was bad, and the engine was tight. She was a 1930 and had a gas manifold. I said I'd take her. I always wanted a tractor like that.

I got her home that fall, but didn't start working on her until the fall of 1992. Right then I decided that she would be running and done by July 1993.