| May/June 1977

  • A Bradley Ad
    A Bradley Ad

  • A Bradley Ad

Route 2, Box 77, Antioch, Illinois 60002

Among the rarer items for a tractor collector to find today is the Bradley tractor sold by Sears Roebuck & Co. in the early 1930s. This was a tricycle type machine, designed by Dent Parrett, who had built his own tractor, a 12/25 bearing his name, just prior to World War I. The Parrett was a 3-plow, 4-wheel model with a cross mounted 4 cylinder Buda engine, and a 3-speed transmission.

The Bradley was a 2-plow, with rear wheel tread adjustable from 56 to 86 inches, and had both a 4 row mounted planter and a 2 row cultivator as added equipment.

Clearance under the rear axle was obtained by use of a pinion and bull gear type of final drive, with tubular pinion shaft housings which could be moved in or out for varying tread spacings. Rear wheels were 42 inches in diameter with a 7 inch face, having spade lugs as standard equipment. Extension rims, angle lugs, and open face wheels were added cost options.

The tractor is shown in advertising folders as a light green with medium red wheels, but actual colors may have been darker. Fenders were also listed as an extra cost option, but none are shown in advertising.

The motor was a Waukesha, 4 cylinder vertical L head, mounted lengthwise, with a bore of 3-3/4 inches and a stroke of 4-3/4. Displacement was 210 cubic inches, and normal RPM was 1250. Spark plugs were 7/8 inch. Compression ratio was fairly high for the times, and gasoline was the only fuel used, from a 20 gallon tank with a filter.