The Blue Jay That Stayed In The Nest 37 Years

| November/December 1991

HCR-4,Box 168 Waverly, Virginia 23890

As if it isn't bad enough that myself and about 15 or 20 friends and neighbors are constantly hunting tractors for me, my wife has to go and find another. Only this one is a rare bird, at least in these parts-a Dart Blue Jay.

My wife was attending the funeral of her great-aunt in Enfield, North Carolina, when she spotted what she thought was a Fordson in front of an old garage. Upon inspection, she noticed the name Dart on the radiator.

When she got back home she told me about it and, mildly interested, I decided to look it up in The Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors by C.H. Wendel. After reading what he had to say, I decided this tractor had possibilities. So we traveled the 70 miles back to Enfield. Tractor rough, but not too bad. Engine appeared to be stuck, a few missing parts-the usual.

We made some inquiries and found out who owned the tractor, but he couldn't be located that day, so we phoned him when we got back home. He was undecided about selling. We arranged to meet him to look at the tractor. Back to Enfield again to find out a few things about the tractor.

The tractor had been in his family for years-prior to that it was a rental tractor. That's all he knew. My wife's cousin said the tractor was sitting in the same spot' when he had left town 37 years ago.