The Bamboo Wheel Horse

| August/September 1993

Jr.14015 W. Catharpin Road, Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553

The wheel horse is a model 701 built in 1961. On 13th of October, 1989, my son and I spent two hours cutting bamboo away to get the tractor out. The bamboo had grown up through the chassis and into the tires and had gone around the rims on the front. The photo at left shows the start of a lot of fun. By May of 1990 I had completely pulled the tractor apart, rebuilt and painted it and put it back together for a nice old tractor. I use the tractor a lot to plow the garden, pull the Parker sweeper, plus to pull a sled that I built to ride on when it snows. Photo at right shows how tractor looks now, after I rebuilt it.

I take the tractor to a lot of steam and gas shows. The Wheel Horse decal on the hood, shown in the photos, is factory original. It took lots of time to cut away rust and save the decal.