| July/August 1974

  • Makoti Threshing Association
    Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, N.D., 58779
    Leroy Quandt

  • Makoti Threshing Association

Ryder, N.D., 58779

The 40-80 Avery was built from 1913 to about 1924 according to Clifford Caron, Fairbault, Minnesota in his article in the July-August 1968 G.E.M. R.B. Gray in his Development of the 0Agriculture Tractor in the United States gives the following specifications for the 1913, 40-8-- Avery 500 r.p.m., 4 cylinder horizontal double-opposed engine 7-3/4' bore with 8' stroke, thermosyphon cooling system with induced draft in cooling tower; double carburetor for gasoline and kerosene fuel; high-tension ignition, pump and splash oiling; friction clutch in belt pulley; final drive, bull gear and pinion; two forward speeds, 1-3/4 and 2-2/3 m.p.h. effected by sliding frame. For a couple of years each tractor was provided with 3 separate pinions to slip on end of crankshaft to alter road speeds, by use of the sliding frame. Later models had two speeds incorporated in the transmission. In 1914 the price from the Avery catalogue for the 40-80 was $2,650 F.O.B. Peoria. This is shown in the February 1962 E.&E. from Avery catalogue 1914 sent in by Ted Worrall, Loma, Montana. The tractor is called a 'Light-weight' gas and oil tractor. The weight is listed as 20,000 pounds. The Avery trademark was 'The Bull Dog Line.' Other models shown in this 1914 catalogue are the 20-35 8-16, 25-50, and 12-25.

In an article in the August 1962 E. & E. by Marcus Leonard describing the Hutchinson Fair and their tractor tests, he says the plowing field in 1915 was a 'frog pond' and the five Avery tractors were equipped with extension rims.

T.F. Kruger in his Observation in the March-April 1969 G.E.M. says the Avery Company started enclosing the governors on their tractors the later part of 1918. If only more people with the experience, background and first hand knowledge that Mr. Kruger has would contribute articles, the rest of us would gain a great deal of information.

The Nebraska test for the 40-80 Avery with engine ZB 1073 Chassis 25259 was test #44 in 1920. The test weight was listed as 22,000 pounds. The rated load belt horsepower was 65.73 while the rated load horsepower on the drawbar was 46.93. The maximum pounds pull was 8,475 pounds. Amos B. Stauffer, Ephrata, Pa. in an article on the Happy Farmer tractor in the September-October 1968 G.E.M. says the Avery men were delusioned because their prony brake was out of adjustment. After 1920 the tractor was rated 45-65 by the company.

B.B. Gray in part II of his book stated the production of the 46-65 horsepower model powered with a 4-cylinder so called 'Draft Horse' engine began in 1926. But I think this paragraph must have gotten in the wrong year in his book. It looks to me as though this should be in 1921 or 1922. Also the Avery company changed to the core type radiator with pump and fan about this time and from a sliding frame to a sliding gear transmission.


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