The 18-32 Crossmounted Case

| May/June 1973

Ryder, North Dakota 58779

The January 1925 issue of The American Thresherman magazine has an ad by the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company which states the new 18-32 Case replaces the 15-27, and we now build a 25-45 instead of the 22-40.

The 18-32 model was tested in Nebraska in the fall of 1924. Tractor number 51320 was used in this test. It developed 32.08 horsepower on the rated load belt test and 19.21 horsepower on the rated load drawbar test. The 18-32 Case had the cross-mounted vertical engine 4-1/2' x 6' with a rated speed of 1000 r.p.m. and two forward speeds of 2.46 and 3.28 miles per hour.

This model was designated the K in 1928 which was also the last year it was built. The company seems to have changed the numbering system when they used the letter designation for the models. The late models of the 18-32 have numbers such as K3335189 while the earlier models had numbers in the fifty and sixty thousands.

The 18-32 Case pictured was restored by the Franklins of Ryder, North Dakota, Bill, Marvin and Ferd. This tractor No. 58882 may be a 1925 model. It was brought to Makoti in 1970 for the threshing show and remains in the museum buildings.

The 15-27 is shown in the December 21, 1918 issue of the Country Gentleman magazine with all specifications. This model was test number 4 in 1920 at the Nebraska University tractor testing station. The engine in the 15-27 Case was the same as in the 18-32 but ran at only 900 r.p.m.s. It was also a little lighter in weight.