The 14th National Charity Vintage Tractor Road Run

| March/April 2000

Kelk Cottage, Crosshouse, Kilmarnock, Scotland UK KA2 OBG

In the 18 years of its existence Ayrshire Vintage Tractor and Machinery Club has never organised anything so successful as the 1999 National Road Run.

It has been staged on sites all over England in the previous 13 years with the aim of raising money for charity. For its first time in Scotland, a scenic site on the west coast of Scotland was chosen for the event. The location was on an airstrip adjacent to the world famous Turnberry Golf Course and Hotel.

The airstrip proved to be an outstanding location for the event. From the now unused runway, planes had flown in two World Wars. A monument to those who flew from there and gave their lives in two wars reminded us of less happy times at Turnberry.

The 26-mile route chosen for the run was both scenic and historic. Within a few miles of the start, the first off-road section took the tractors to Culzean Estate, which is the property of The National Trust of Scotland. The castle within the estate is one of the country's best known properties. President Eisenhower was given the life rental of an apartment there in recognition of his war service.

A few miles further along, the tractor encountered 'The Electric Brae.' This is a hill where one gets the impression of freewheeling uphill. It is all an optical illusion; the only one similar, I understand, is in Newfoundland.