| April/May 1987

Route 3, Box 131, Geneseo, Illinois 61254

The Rumely Oil Pull tractor was featured in a special display at the 17th annual Stephenson County Antique Engine Club show held at Freeport, Illinois, July 25-27, 1986. 'The Freeport Show', one of the newer shows, certainly has to be ranked among the best and is constantly growing and adding new features. This was one of the earliest shows to have the now popular annual 'featured tractor' displays. The Oil Pull display this year attracted a number of Rumely enthusiasts to northern Illinois who had not previously attended this show.

The intention of the Oil Pull display was not only the pleasure of Rumely fans, but also to help the general public to better understand the products of one of our country's pioneer manufacturers of power farming machinery. When planning this event, diversity was kept in mind rather than an attempt at large numbers of duplicate tractors. The Oil Pulls were set up in 4 basic groupings each representative of distinctive time periods in the history of tractor production. A sign explaining important facts and significant changes was placed with each grouping of tractors. A sheet of specifications was posted with each individual tractor.

The time periods and tractors included in each are as follows: 1910-1918: 14-28, 15-30, 18-35, 30-60 E (large radiator). 1919-1924: 12-20, 16-30, 20-40, 30-60 E (small radiator). 1925-1927: 15-25 (with factory PTO), 20-35, 25-45, 30-60 S. 1928-1931: 20-30, 25-40, 30-50, 40-60.

The 'final chapter' of the Rumely tractor story was represented by the Rumely 6A and Do All tractors in their own area of the display. Most of the Rumely tractors ran in the daily parade and some were used around the grounds at various times for threshing, sawing, etc. A nearby shelter housed a display of Rumely literature and models and was also a rest and social area for the public.

These people participated in the Oil Pull exhibit: Al Bronson (Otsego, MI), George Bronson (Kalamazoo, MI), Eldon Coates (Zwingle, IA), Clyde Cowan (Geneseo, IL), Wayman Cobine (Elizabeth, IL), Jerry Erickson (Lyle, MN), Tom Fenton (Mountain Home, ID), Verlyn Fischer (Pearl City, IL), Verner Hen sel (Ohio, IL), William Lamm (Freeport, IL), Jack Maple (Rushville, IN), John Laue (Geneseo, IL), Harry McCosh (Peoria, IL), Norman Meinert (Davis, IL), J. D. Miller (Geneseo, IL), Ronald Miller (Geneseo, IL), Russell Miller (Geneseo, IL), Dick Murphy (Leaf River, IL), Ed Schott (Rockford, IL), Eugene Streicher (Elizabeth, IL).