| November/December 1973

422 W. North St. Carey, Ohio 43316

I have been to a few gas and steam shows and a subscriber to your magazine and like to read about other people's joys (gas engines) and thought they might like to read about and see some pictures of mine. It is my hope to get to show my tractor in one of these shows.

A friend of mine talked me into going for a walk in a nearby woods where he used to play as a boy and that's where I found my 1914 Steel King Motor Plow built in Detroit, Michigan. Later, I had the pleasure of talking to the owner who also sold them. He said he used it until 1920. He also gave me advertising posters which contain the costs of the parts and compares it to a team of horses and harnesses, also testimonials from Canada and California.

The Steel King is equipped with friction clutch belt pulley and is adapted to all belt work about the farm, such as filling silo, pumping water, sawing wood, shelling and husking corn, shredding fodder, threshing with small plain separator of 18' x 36' to 22' x 40' capacity.

The Steel King has ample power to operate and haul commercial hay balers up to 16' x 18' sizer with capacity of 35 tons of hay per day in 100 lb. bales.

The Steel King Motor Plow -absolutely the only one man outfit and the original price was $950 including Two Bottom Gang Plows. The one I have has 2-14' self lifting plows (1914 hard to believe).