| May/June 1967

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

Sometimes the SPARK PLUG OF THE MONTH is a hard critter to define - a sort of 'half-breed' mixture of human elements functioning variously as both Spark Plug and Iron Man - it's often difficult to tell which.

The last time I saw him and his son booming like a mobile cannon up the gay midway of the Darke County Steam Threshers, last summer - and hailed them to a halt for a snapshot of the twain astride their mighty half-size Rumely Oil-Pull, I was convinced they epitomized the perfect father-son niche in the Spark Plug Hall of Fame.

But, later, when I buggied up to Houston, Ohio-way, for a few photos and workshop interview, and finding our Junior-Senior partnership poring over a well-advanced half-size model of a free-lance steam traction engine -well, maybe you can sympathize with those of us who struggle at categorizing the human species.

But, be he Spark Plug or Iron Man, the object of our scrutiny, Weldon Dill, has a philosophy of life that well summarizes both.

'I've spent lots of time going to junkyards hunting parts,' says Weldon, both eyes lighting up like spark plugs in that iron-man frame of his at just the mere thoughts of it all. 'In fact I enjoy hunting around a junkyard so much that I'd just like to live there.' (End quote).