| January/February 1972

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

When Pa and Ma Neal round up all their hassle o' young-uns 'n chug down the mud turnpike in the latest 1910 International Auto Wagon, headin' fer the big Gas Engine 'n Tractor Reunion-- you'd think they had nary a care in this here world.

Take Massar Roger, fer instance--he looks cool 'n collected as a garden cucumber. 'Minds me of a southern senator of the mint julep 'n fried chicken variety, all set to filibuster in favor o' slavery.

Then there's Mizz Joyce who looks like she might live the life of 'Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey. But along came Roger and sat down beside 'er--Now they work on antique autos 'n tractors instead.'

Yes--to look at the Roger Neals, all spiffed up 'n polished in their Sunday best at a gas-engine tractor shindig--or even to visit them in their ante-bellum plantation mansion in the picturesque environs of Georgetown, Ohio, one would never guess they scraped grease and sludge from old gas tractors and autos. (Surely they'd have hired mechanics and chauffeurs to do it--or would they?)

'I want to say this,' interrupted Roger Neal, a bit choked with emotion during a discussion in their well-appointed Civil War era home--'My wife, Joyce, has scraped as much oil and grease off our old cars and tractors as I have. She gets on overalls and goes out in that barn and works as hard as I do.'