Some Photos Of Interest

| October/November 1989

Route 1, Box 116 Racine, Minnesota 55967

I am a member of Root River Antique Power Association, Inc.

I restored the 18-36 Hart-Parr in 1985.1 bought it from a club member after his wife raised H-! when he bought it at a sale.

The Rumely is a scale model of a 1911 type Oil Pull. I put an 8 HP Cushman engine in it, laid on its side. I've had a lot of compliments on it. It sounds just like an Oil Pull.

The other picture is of a 12-25 Fairbanks Morse built in 1911. It has a 5 HP Hercules engine. It is ? scale in size. The cooling system is like the original. I also included a picture of the engine the way it looked.