| September/October 1980

Hi! Time for school bells, late summer engine shows, early Christmas shopping, new winter clothes, old memories to ponder and some new happenings to add to the memory section of our brains. Wasn't it fun renewing friendships at the engine meetings and discovering some new pals?-with interests exactly like yours-isn't this hobby great? Weren't you fortunate to find that engine you had been hoping all year to run across? And wasn't it lucky to discover that bit of information you have been so earnestly seeking-and when you were least expecting it?-that's the rewards of the get-togethers, and the inspiration to pursue this hobby into another year-and now on to the many letters of requests and of information and gratitude:

HARRY RITTER, Box 127, Route 5, Fulton, New York 13069 would like to know some data regarding some tired old iron-'Does anyone have information in regard to the Ward engine, serial 4032, Type GE, 2 HP, 600 RPM? If so, I am all ears. Also is there a repair for cracked flywheel hub? It is cracked from key-way out toward spoke.

During the winter I got started two B/S Models (B), both different from each other, 1 B/S (PB). I now have Gray, Ottawa (2) and an Empire to get going. There is also a friend's Rotoette, and early Troy built rototiller; along with other odds and ends. I look forward to a busy time.

I have a small engine same as Ernie Goddard, G.E.M. March-April 1980 issue, page 14. I have had my engine running. It is complete. I keep it in the house as an ornament. My wife likes it there too (smart wife, I'd say). I would like to hear from or receive any knowledge from owners of this type engine.'

Get your pens ready and see if you can answer FRED YUTZY, R.R. 2, Jamesport, Missouri 64648 as he writes: 'I need some information on a 4 HP vertical Fairfield engine I am restoring. Serial number 1779, 600 R.P.M. manufactured in Fairfield, Iowa. What kind of ignition does it have and what is the original color? I would like to hear from anyone owning a Fairfield or having any data on one, as I have never seen another engine of this kind. Also need original color for 3 HP Sattley. Thanks for any help!'

JIM FOX, Route 3, Mitchell, Indiana 47446 is a subscriber to G.E.M. and a collector of old tools. He writes: 'I wonder if anyone out there can give me some information on a couple of old hand-cranked drill presses. One of them is a top-mounted flywheel and it reads (Foos Mfg. Co. No. 1, Springfield, Ohio) and the other one is a side-mounted flywheel and self-feeding and it reads (Canedy Otto No. 0). Any help as to date of manufacture, value, etc. will be greatly appreciated.'