Smoke Rings

| September/October 1974

Smoke Rings

September-October issue is here!--do you realize what that means?? The start of another school year, the frenzied schedule of the early fall meetings, the coming to an end of summer -I don't really see how it is possible; summer just began, didn't it?? The years really do go faster as you mark each birthday, don't they they? Well, all I can say is I hope you had a good summer and I know there are still a few Reunions in these two months now and then Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Christmas and we'll be into next year--told you time flew!

Had a nice surprise this summer when Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Wokson and family stopped by to see me. They are from Rogers Minnesota 55374 and were taking a camping trip in this way, in fact they were headed to the spot where Washington crossed the Delaware, a spot the children had marked on their plans to accomplish, and then they were coming back to tour Gettysburg and more points of interest and then home, eagerly awaiting the Rogers Threshing Show sponsored by the Anoka Engine Club which will be August 24th and 25th. Chuck and son are both very interested in the gas engines and are pursuing that hobby. It was a nice treat to have them stop.

Another letter from one of our family in England, - DAVID R. HART, Penwarden Farm, Golerdon, Callington, Cornwall, PL. 17 7ND, as follows:

Could you please put a plea in one of your Smoke Rings columns? I have just purchased 'Challenge' horizontal open crank engine, and would like to know some facts. It was made by the Challenge Co. of Batavia, Ill. It is a 5 K H. P. and the Serial No. is 25008. It has a Hercules low tension magneto and a three needle carburetor, water, gasoline and kerosene. Could anyone give me information on the year of manufacture and also the coloring and striping?

In enjoy reading the G.E.M. and am fascinated by just how many gas engines there are in the States. It is wonderful reading about so many others enjoying the hobby of gas engines just as I do.

I have also two horizontal Ruston & Hornsby's, a Bam ford horizontal, an Associated Hired man and a Pitter M Type 2 cycle 1-1/2 H.P.