Smoke Rings

| March/April 1982

Well, we are in the throes of WINTER back here in the East, but one thing about it, I believe the whole nation has been hit this winter with cold BRRRR weather. I'm ready for Spring, how about you?

One thing for sure, we have many, many letters to get in this column, so here goes-I may have to shorten some of them, please forgive-we do appreciate them and I try to use most of them in their entirety, but I also like to get them all in if possible.

First letter comes from HENRY WILKS, Route 2, Box 221, Brinkley, Arkansas 72021: 'I would like to know if anyone can tell me the age and horsepower of a Waterloo Boy gas engine I recently bought. The identification tag is missing, but there are two rivets where one used to be on the lower side of the water hopper. The serial number in the end of the crankshaft is #114971. The piston measures 3?' and the flywheels measure 18?'. It is a little different than some that I have seen because it uses a Lunkenheimer carburetor and has the governor weights in the flywheel instead of running off the cam gear. I'd appreciate any information.'

RICHARD OVELLET, Buttonwood Road, Amesbury, Massachusetts 01913 recently purchased a ? HP Duro engine #101241 made by Duro Pump and Mfg. Co. of Dayton, Ohio which is in need of paint. Anyone have the correct color scheme and he also wants to know if this engine has a battery box and what does it look like? What years were these made? And Richard says he is glad its winter as it gives the gas hobbyist time to work on their engines.' (Yeh, but it doesn't need to be so much Winter!)

'I need information on a small garden tractor,' says DONALD E. COMBES, 8536 Seward Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68114. 'It is a row crop type and is called Bantam, made in Lebanon, Indiana. The company is out of business now. I want to restore it and need help. What kind of engine did it have? 402-391-4987.'

I recently acquired a 1? HP Hercules gasoline engine, #264449, igniter-fired and equipped with a new style Webster magneto. Someone out there in Engine land-Help! I would like to know the year of manufacture and anything else.' This letter came from HAROLD W. HAUGER, Rt., 10819 Tucker Road, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050.