Smoke Rings

| March/April 1977

Hi--to all our friends in Gas Engine Land - we have so many letters requesting information and needs that I'll just start with a pretty good sized letter from ZANE L. RENDER, Box 248, Temple, Texas 76501:

Dear Anna Mae,

'I feel that 1 know you since 1 have read your column so long and enjoyed every bit of information and letters in it.

I have every issue of Gas Engine Magazine since it started publication. They are a prize possession of mine. I read every issue cover to cover as soon as it arrives. I don't have a very large collection of old engines as I am cramped for space. At present time I have 26 gas engines, a model 'H' John Deere tractor, a Big Four John Deere Mower, also a 1905 model John Deere riding sulky plow. As you probably guessed my main love is John Deere equipment. I have four John Deere gas engines and several Maytags. I do have several other brands. Since I do not have much room, I trade quite often so I have had many brands at one time or another.

Now for my request for information, I have written two times before and both letters were published, but I did not receive even one response to my questions. I have read of and talked to several who have received fine responses, therefore, I will try one more time. I acquired a 'BEAN SPECIAL CUB' 4 HP Model 1R6B made by Cushman. I got this engine in Ohio and brought it home in the trunk of my car. No one in this area has ever seen this particular engine. I wrote to the Cushman factory but they informed me they had no literature or information on this engine. We have everything restored on it except the Wico Magneto which is evidently bad, but we have found no way to check it. Visually inside it looks fine, nothing broken, but it will not make a spark. If anyone has any information on this, I shall be happy to receive it. I will answer any correspondence that I may receive. Thanking you for your good work and a very fine magazine, only wishing that it was published every month.'

A friend of ours is seeking help in this letter from EDWIN BREDEMEIER, Steinauer, Nebraska: 'Can you help me find the serial numbers of the following equipment that bore no serial number plates or else they were missing, such as Farmall and F.30 and the following threshers - 26 x 46 Wood Bros., Port Huron 20 x 36, Wood Red River Special 32 x 54, Wood IHC 20 x 36 and Case 20 x 36 and 26 x 46. I would like to find out the age of the above mentioned equipment that I own.