Smoke Rings

| July/August 1977

Well - Hi to each of you - and here we are in the midst of the reunions which means 'Engine Heaven' to the gas buffs and I know if you are able to get to the shows you are really enjoying another summer with your engines and your friends. Keep account of all the incidents in the notebook of your mind - will give you many warm memories going over it when you're sitting by the fireside in the cold winter warming yourself.

Beginning our letters is one from PAUL BOORE, Box 154, Vina, California 96092 who just wishes to chat a bit: 'I am 62 years old. My father had the Cast Steam Thresher which I fired and ran when I was 12 years old. The last run we made was in Kansas in 1937 (40 years ago) but it will always be in my blood. At present, I am manager of a 500 acre English walnut orchard here in northern California.

I have a 3 HP Fairbanks Morse and a ?HP Headless, a Model S Ideal upright with a cooling fan, running; a 3 HP Novo, running; 3 HP International, running and a 1? HP John 'Deere, running. I am hoping to hear from a lot of you readers.'

HARRY LEE, Box 119, Elnora, Indiana 47529 writes: 'A man called me one night just after we got our March-April G.E.M. He was proud of the picture on page 4 of my 1935 WD-40. He said he had one of these and we had quite a conversation. Now, I did not get his name, because he said for sure that he would write to me and send some pictures as soon as the snow went away. He said he was from South Dakota and was about 300 miles west of Sioux City. I took this to be South Dakota. (This could be Sioux City, Iowa.)

I have been waiting and waiting to hear from him. At the time I was talking to him, I did not have my glasses and pen handy. So I relied on him, as he said he would surely write to me. My wife and I are waiting to hear from him as we want to make a trip to South Dakota and also visit this man. So if he reads this column I'm sure hoping he gets in touch with me. He says he reads the G.E.M. and reads every bit of it. And so do I! I'm always waiting for the next one.' (Well, we hope the man from South Dakota sees this and gets in touch with Harry - let me know if you do. Harry also has an ad to this effect in the back of the book.)

STEVEN LANG, Owls Head, Maine 04854 asks: 'Do you have any information on a Sandwich 1? HP gas engine? It is a Junior model, Serial number AB 26115.I am new to this hobby and know nothing about this engine I have.' (I'll be surprised if you don't receive several letters, Steve.)