| March/April 1974

Hi! It's pretty quiet around here right now - its 2 a.m.! and not knowing just how I wanted to start this column - I thought you might like to know how early-or how late I sometimes retire -- and I'll bet if the truth were known, I have a lot of fellow companions. I don't know about you but I am a night person. I could enjoy staying up till 3 or 4 and then sleeping till 1 or 2, but unfortunately that doesn't work so well with the obligations of an active family -- so I do try and be normal and get to bed before midnight most of the time -- but then when pressure and desire throws me into a few nights as this, I have to make up for it, catching naps and 'beauty rests' as they are called (and Boy do I need them) whenever I can.

Strange, I'm tired right now, but pleasantly so and I'm happy -despite the fact my hubby was a victim of a heart attack in December, our Keli, Senior in High School broke her finger three weeks ago, and badly sprained her ankle two weeks ago and was on crutches for a few days (mishaps of Basketball), and our Tommy, age 9 is entering the hospital this week for removal of tonsils and adenoids and is having tubes put in his ears. You see Ed is coming along real well with recuperating, Keli is progressing with her ailments and we're hopeful the upcoming hospital bit will be profitable for Tom. And I believe God is with us all the way and I have many, many Blessings - so I'm happy.

And now we must get on with all the interesting thoughts from the letters: HARRY W. MILES, Route 3, Boscobel, Wisconsin 53805 checks in after reading the January-February 74 issue and says: 'I received my Jan.-Feb. issue and on page 15 I see a Caille Row Boat Engine. I have one in perfect condition. Also the original bill of sale dated 1919, price $54.00. Also the shipping invoice from Detroit, Michigan to Waldo, Wisconsin for 90 cents plus 4 cents War Tax. I never have seen another like it. It's called the 'Liberty Drive' and runs perfectly. I'm a member of the South Western Wisconsin Antique Power Club and also a member of Badger Steam & Gas Engine Club of Baraboo, Wisconsin. Keep up the good work'.

The following letter is self explanatory as an answer to Gordon Dukes of England who had a problem. The following comes from R. W. TOLER, 3305 Poplar, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71601 and he writes to Gordon: 'In reply to your inquiry published on page 19 of the January-February 1974 issue of the Gas Engine Magazine, I am in the process of restoring a Fairbanks-Morse engine identical to yours. The spark plug is a Champion A-25 readily available at automobile supply stores in the United States. The plug has 1/2' national pipe thread and is demountable; that is to say, by loosening a jam nut, the porcelain can be removed for cleaning. My engine had no exhaust system. The carburetor is arranged so that the engine may be started on gasoline and switched to kerosene. If you cannot find the spark plug in England, I shall be glad to send you one. They cost about $1.' (See how our readers correspond with each other - and since Mr. Toler had sent me a copy of his letter to Gordon, I thought it was worth printing - maybe some of you will need to know the same thing. Mr. Toler added then - 'I really enjoy the magazine very much. I've had success in freeing frozen pistons with WD-40!')

And to show folks how rewarding the gas engine hobby is - take a peek at the cheerful writing from JACK BIELEFELD, 8 South Walnut Street, New Bremen, Ohio 45869 as he explains: 'I have just bought an engine that I have wanted ever since I first saw it 15 years ago. It is a United Type F-6 HP, Serial Number 80114. You can't believe how happy this engine makes me. I guess gas engines are just in my blood.

I would like to ask G.E.M. followers if they have one of these or if they can help me restore to original condition by telling me how to paint, stripe, decals, history and any information. This engine was bought in 1910.


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