Small Scale Fun

A ''Little D'' and a Red Wing Give Big Pleasure

| August/September 2003

Don Maye's 'Little D' and its full-size brother, Jim Birmington's 1935 Model D (left). Faithful to the original design, Don's 'Little D' cuts a fine figure.

I built the 'Little D' in 2000. It has a spoke flywheel land a two-speed transmission, as did the early John Deere Model Ds. Power comes from a 7-9 HP Model AEH Wisconsin engine, a unit that originated in the 1940s. It's also fitted with a parking brake, a hand-clutch pulley and a pulley brake. The differential is out of a riding lawnmower. Spinning the 12-inch flywheel starts the tractor's engine.

The full-size Model D lending scale is a 1935 model belonging to Jim Birmington of Pueblo, Colo. Jim bought the tractor several years ago, and fully restored it to its present state.

Red Wing

The quarter-scale Red Wing is a model of a 5 HP Red Wing Thorobred, and was a retirement gift to me for 30 years of service to Colorado Machinery, a John Deere dealer in Colorado. I received the Red Wing as a kit, and did all the machining and assembly. It has a 1-inch bore, 2-inch stroke and 8-inch flywheels.

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