Simplicity Walk-Behinds Part Two

By Staff

16350 Force Avenue, Cedar Springs, Michigan 49319

In last year’s issue, May 2000, page 33, I wrote an article
about my walk-behind garden tractors. I want to bring everybody up
to date of what I have and the information that I got.

First of all, thanks to the couple of people who wrote and
called me on last year’s article. Mostly thanks to this guy in
Tennessee because of all the time he put in on making all of the
part number pages and on the page that has all the years the
walk-behind tractors were made. I found out from him that there are
21 different models. And the last model that was made had two
different size engines on it. Also, thanks to the guy in Wisconsin
for telling me that there are about five walk-behinds by him with a
lot of attachments. But the only thing is, is that I haven’t
heard from him again. Sir, when you get a chance, please write me
again with what models they are and what condition they are in. And
if possible, please write down the attachments that are with

In my last article I said that I was looking for two walk-behind
garden tractors, model L1 and model J from Simplicity. It has
changed. I have the model L1 but now I am looking for the
following: B, J, F, LA, FA, FB, VB, FC, A, VC, H, LC, W with a 7 HP
engine, and model W with an 8 HP engine.

Also, I am looking for one more thing. If anybody has or knows
someone with a Simplicity hit-n-miss gas engine that they will part
with, please let me know. It does not matter on the horsepower. I
would like to get a 12/14 HP but I don’t think that my wallet
is big enough.

Right now my walk-behind model L1 is under my parent’s deck
to keep the weather off it. The garage is too full. I am still
looking for an engine for my model LB. I can’t find one. I did
sell that model M1 that I talked about. I sold it to a kid so he
can start his collecting. This year I only got one tractor. I think
I am getting rocks in my shoes. Something is slowing me down.

I will tell you all how I got my model L1. I didn’t even
know I had connection to one until after I owned it. How I got it
was my grandfather, uncle, and my dad went to this steam class last
year to learn how to run my grandfather’s steam engine. And on
the way home my dad bought the model L1 and a parts walk-behind.
The L1 engine was stuck so I took the head off it and my dad put
brake fluid in it. The next week we hammered on it with a hammer
and block of wood. It didn’t budge. A week later my neighbor
gave me a brand new pipe wrench for helping him out; so I went home
and put a pipe wrench on the pulley and it came loose. How about
that! Anyway, my dad came home from work that day and he put the
head on and it started right up. The parts tractor did not have an
engine but it has a good pulley and good gears. My dad bought the
parts tractor for only a dollar. That’s right, one dollar. My
dad saved it from the scrap yard. There is not any tag on it so I
don’t know what model it is supposed to be.

Well, I will sign out once again. I will write later on, down
the road. I graduate this year and then will move on to building
houses. Need any information or wanting to give me more
information? The address is at the top of the page and the phone
number is (616) 696-9650.

By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you this; my uncle built
my sulky cart. I think that it is better than the original one.
Again, please let me know about a walk-behind/walk-behind
attachment, manuals and any walk-behind, and/or hit-n-miss gas
engine of any horsepower for sale. Thanks.

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