Similarities Between Rumely Oilpull & Poppin' Johnny

| January/February 1991

1102 Peach Street, Abilene, Texas 79602.

Most of my tractor experience has been on John Deeres, LeTourneau Tournadozer, and Caterpillar, but I have interviewed some old timers on Rumely Oilpull and I believe them when they say Oilpull was an excellent kerosene tractor.

The late Buster Hatchett, of Callahan County, Texas, would set aside modern tractors to plow with his Oil-pulls. He used Oilpulls into the 1980's.

I have noticed in the Rumely literature a few similarities between Oilpull and John Deere Poppin' Johnny. They were both two cylinder valve-in-head engines with parallel and horizontal cylinders, neither vertical nor opposed. Both used the 180 degree crankshaft.

The Rumely and the Johnny both used a high temperature cooling system. The Oilpull accomplished this by using oil as coolant and a special exhaust induced draft radiator. John Deere accomplished this with thermo-siphon water circulation plus a radiator curtain or shutter.

Both the Oilpull and the John Deere Popper used a big bore-long stroke-low r.p.m.-high torque engine. The Rumely used bores up to 10', while the Johnny used bores up to 6?' and Poppers up to 7 inches. The larger Oilpull ran 375 r.p.m., while the larger Johnny ran 900 r.p.m. Both exhibited high torque and good lugging characteristics.

7/17/2010 10:56:17 AM

"Oilpull used Madison-Kipp force feed lubrication to mains, rods, pistons, and pins plus the rods dipped into oil and churned up a heavy mist of oil to all moving parts". This statement is incorrect. The lubricator did not force feed oil under pressure to the mains or anything else. A brass tube was connected to the lubricator and then ran inside the block where the other end would drip oil onto the main cap where a dam was cast in the cap acting as a reservoir to catch/route oil down a hole, under gravity, to the rotating crankshaft.


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