| May/June 1998

10300 East Inhofe Road Norman, Oklahoma 73071

This past year I have been having fun showing my jet powered tractor in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Over two years ago, I purchased a surplus jet powered auxiliary power unit from the Air Force. After locating a few missing parts, I got the engine running and then the ideas began to take place. The finished tractor in the photo was completed in April 1997 and shown in Pawnee, Oklahoma, for the first time. The spectators swarmed to my exhibit when I made an engine run, and they also enjoyed the drive-by in the parades (where I drowned out the announcer with the jet engine noise).

The gas turbine (jet engine) was manufactured in 1969 by Air search, model GTCP-85. The frame is a tubular angle iron construction, with a salvage golf cart front end. The front stainless steel tank is for turbine oil, and the main fuel tank under the engine holds 17 gallons of jet fuel (enough for 45 minutes of engine run). The inoperative alternator on the accessory drive was disassembled and the main drive shaft was gear belted to the hydrostatic drive. The hydrostatic rear end is from a 455 John Deere lawn tractor. The engine is started by two 24 volt nickel-cadmium batteries. The John Deere rear-end and John Deere seat blend well with my John Deere stationary engine exhibit.