Sell Museum's Rare Swedish Tractor

| September/October 1989

  • Swedish Tractor

  • Swedish Tractor

The Booker News Submitted by Dan Sell Box 227 Booker, Texas 79005

When Dan Sell held his third annual open house at the Sell Homestead Museum, Saturday, May 20, he unveiled one of the most unusual and rare tractors remaining in the world-an Avance.

No more than 500 of the two-cylinder, two-cycle tractors were built by the Avance Company in Sweden back in a period from 1925-32 and probably less than a dozen remain in existence today. Sell obtained his from a farmer in North Dakota who had purchased it in Canada and farmed with it for several years before storing it back in the corner of a barn.

Sell travels all over the country looking for rare, old farm machinery and had stopped at this particular farm to look at something else when the farmer said, 'there's one back there that's a little different.'

Sell could hardly restrain his enthusiasm when he saw the old Avance and immediately asked if it was for sale and bought it.

He wasn't exactly sure what he had until he contacted P. G. Fagerberg at Skivarp, Sweden, another antique machinery collector.