Sears Roebuck Handi Man

By Staff
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6891 N Castlebury Road Hernando, Florida 32642

Back in ’75 or ’76 I saw an old tractor without a hood
or the original engine. I never knew there were any plows or
anything it. The fellow who owned the tractor passed away in 1984.
His widow had a sale in 1985. No one seemed to want the tractor, so
I bought it and found it had a hood, the original engine, a
breaking plow and cultivators. Neither engine would run so I worked
them over-now they both run.

It is a Sears Roebuck Handi Man made back in 1939, and still has
the original tires. I took it to Zolfo Springs to the Gas Engine
Show in March. A lot of people commented no one had seen one
before, so thought I would send you a picture of it. There were no
papers with the tractor, so I wrote to Sears and they sent papers,
saying they made the tractors from ’39 to up in the 50’s
but this is the first one I ever saw.

It is a nice little tractor. I saw it in Indiana before I came
to Florida. They were my neighbors, so I bought a trailer and went
back to Indiana and brought it down to Florida. I enter it in
parades and gas engine shows, and plan to go to Battle Ground,
Indiana and show it, July 31-August 1 & 2. I think there may be
lots of people there who have never seen a Sears Roebuck tractor.
Would you have any way of finding out how many were made? It is
Series 19, Serial #9175151.

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