| November/December 1989

  • SD-Gibson tractor

    Clifford Wolf

  • SD-Gibson tractor

6322 Blue Rock Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

I ran into a guy who was looking for an old farm tractor. I told him that I had a VAC-Case tractor to sell. He asked how much I wanted for it, and I told him to stop and look at it first and we would work out a deal on it. The next week he stopped to look at the Case tractor and said he had a rare tractor that he would trade for the Case. I asked him what kind of tractor it was. He said it was an SD-Gibson tractor that steers with a lever like' a bulldozer. I was not sure what it looked like, so I told him that I would have to see it. The next day I went and looked at the SD-Gibson tractor. It sure was different, so we worked out a deal and I traded with him. It came with a 5 foot cycle bar mower.

My family and I took it to a few tractor shows, and at the Rushville Show in Indiana there was this guy selling Gas Engine Magazines. I saw a Gibson tractor picture on the front of one. I bought the magazine and this is where I found out what color my Gibson should be instead of four different colors. It said that Gibsons were painted Ford Red and Ford Gray. I had my son Jeff paint it these two colors and we have been taking it to shows for six years now. In the past six years we have won ribbons and trophies for the best restored, the slow tractor race and also the tractor cranking contest.

You know what that means now; my wife Patricia claims it as HER tractor!