'Scrap' From Canada

| March/April 1983

#15, 2nd Street SE, Cut Bank, Montana 59427

I am a mechanic for a large farm equipment company here in Montana and a fellow by the name of John Weathered, a rancher up along the Canadian Line, had this old W-30 rusting away in his back yard. I finally asked him what he planned to do with it and he said I could have it if I came and got it. So I borrowed the company's delivery truck and hauled it to Ft. Benton, Montana to the State Tractor Pull and I won first place in my class. Well, John was so proud of me!

He said he knew where there was an old Titan just across the line in Canada. So the next weekend we went to see the folks and I made a deal with them for $350.00. The owner's name was Brack Christie. I borrowed the delivery truck again and went after my tractor. Well, when I got back to customs, of course I had to stop and check through. The customs agent said that I couldn't haul scrap down from Canada into the U.S. so it took us a little of convincing to make them believe it was a farm tractor. That was September 28, 1980. Well, needless to say, I made it home with it okay and started right to work on it evenings and weekends.

When I began work on it, I started a diary and kept track of the dates and the time I spent and what I did- mistakes and all! It was a real tough one; everything on it was frozen up except the oiler and it was full of mouse bed and barley. You couldn't even turn the steering wheel.

Well, after 418 hours and burning a lot of midnight oil, she was ready to go to work. The picture on the cover was taken before I even started it up as I didn't want it to get all oily before I got a picture of it. Needless to say, it cranked right up and ran real well. I ran it in our Lewis & Clark Parade here and won first prize in 1981. I ran it this year in two parades and won second prize both times being beat out for first by a Case steam engine here and a $10,000.00 model A Ford at Valier, Montana.

I also took it to the State Tractor Pull at Ft. Benton and made a real good pull-just for exhibition. It was a great crowd pleaser.