| May/June 1981

  • Pat on John Deere G. P.
    John Deere G. P.
    Barry Bruce
  • Barry Bruce on Hart Parr 18-36
    Hart Parr 18-36.
    Barry Bruce

  • Pat on John Deere G. P.
  • Barry Bruce on Hart Parr 18-36

The Scotbury Collection in Cambs, England is a small, private collection of tractors, seats and farm implements built up over the past ten years. The Hart Parr pictured on our back cover this month was first taken to the English National Rally in 1979 when it won the prize for the best tractor on iron wheels and the Fordson Jubilee Trophy for the best tractor at the show. During 1979 and 1980, the John Deere G.P. was restored to its former glory right down to the new coconut fibre for the air cleaner. This was obtained from a tailoring company who used it for stiffening jacket collars!

Barry Bruce of Cambs, England writes: 'My wife Pat usually drives the John Deere in preference to the Hart Parr because of its size . . . the Hart Parr is usually referred to as the monstor.' It is in fact much heavier than the average tractor here. The time taken to restore these tractors may seem long but most of the work we do ourselves, from the taking down to the painting and this is only a hobby which occupies our spare time when we are not running our business. As we are in the trucking business, it does mean that moving these tractors about is relatively easy.'

In addition to the approximately 20 tractors in the collection, there are miscellaneous items such as a wild oat separator, seed fiddle, horse hames and mole trap and a number of cast iron tractor seats.

If you are planning a trip to England, contact Barry Bruce at Scotbury, Hail Weston, Cambs, England.


Barry Bruce of Cambs, England, sent us these pictures of himself and his wife Pat on two prize tractors from their Scotbury Collection. The Hart Parr 18-36 was restored in 1979 and the John Deere G. P. in 1980. Barry says these are the only two of their kind to be rallied in his area.


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